Women’s Fellowship

Women’s Fellowship had its beginning as the Ladies Aid (Frauenverein in German) on May 17, 1876, when 12 Christian women approached the pastor about organizing a women’s group. This was at a time when the women of the church were not allowed to voice their opinions or vote at congregational meetings. The name was changed to Women’s Fellowship in 1964.

Its original purpose was to aid their members in times of financial or other need but was changed to a purpose of helping anyone in need in the church and community.

This purpose is carried out through such projects as:

  • funeral meals served for families of Central
  • coordination of the once-a-month delivery of Meals on Wheels by Central
  • prayer chain
  • work days where tray favors for local care centers are made and fabric cut to be sewn into school bags contributed to the Festival of Sharing
  • all-church rummage sale with the proceeds used to support church mission projects and local charitable organizations including Emmaus Homes, Evangelical Children’s Home, Neighborhood Houses, Samaritan Center, Salvation Army, and Habitat for Humanity.

All women of Central Church are members of the Women’s Fellowship.

Women’s Fellowship meets four time a year,
September, November, February, and March.

The March meeting is the Lenten Quiet Hour, a time for meditation, contemplation, reflection, praise, and worship during Lent.  To end the year a Celebrating Women Dinner is held in April.