Martha Circle (the Quilters)

The first seven Circles of the church formed to sew and quilt projects, primarily for orphanages.  All inspired Christian fellowship through Bible study, service, work projects, missions, and social events.  They met many needs of the church and the community throughout their history.  The Martha Circle is the last of these first seven circles still in existence.

Founded in August 1921 as the Fifth Circle at Central UCC, this women’s circle was later named the Martha Circle in honor of Mrs. Martha Berlekamp.  Initially formed of a group of women who enjoyed fellowship and quilting together, the current members of the circle still enjoy these activities to this day. 

While they no longer do projects for orphanages, the members of this Circle still focus on mission and service.  They work on custom quilt projects for others, and use the profits from these projects to support many local and national charitable organizations.

Most recently, they have donated to these causes:

  • Ronald McDonald House
  • Samaritan Center
  • RACS
  • ECH
  • Neighborhood Houses
  • other local charitable organizations/causes 

 In addition, a few church members who crochet have begun joining them for the lively conversation while working on their own projects. 

Whether you quilt, crochet, knit, latch hook, cross-stitch, needlepoint, or any other sort of needle art, feel free to join these church members.  Don’t do any sort of craft?  Just come for the fellowship.  They’d be glad to see you.

The Quilters meet every Wednesday 

from 9:00 A.M, to 3:00 P.M. in the classroom

off of the Friendship Room.