Human Resources Ministry

The Human Resources Ministry ensures that policies, procedures, and processes are in place to support staff and lay leaders and to encourage a strong partnership between them.   Responsibilities of this Ministry include:

  • Develop, recommend, and monitor policies, rules, and practices that comply with Federal and State labor laws
  • Periodically review current staffing patterns and make recommendations to the Finance Ministry/Church Council regarding changes needed
  • Oversee the hiring process (with Senior Pastor involvement) for open positions and present hiring recommendations, including salary and benefit recommendations, to the Church Council for all staff except ordained clergy
  • Work with clergy and church staff to develop yearly job expectations that are used as a basis for performance evaluations
  • Recommend staff salary and benefit packages as part of the annual ministry budget process
  • Identify and recruit potential lay leaders and help them discern how their strengths, skills, and abilities can best be used to support the church and its governance
  • Identify and offer leadership development opportunities and encourage lay leaders and clergy to participate in these opportunities as a team

Members of the Ministry: Patti Schmutzler (Chair), Mary Hoelscher, Duane Muck. Susan Poettgen, Warren Witt