Finance Ministry

The Finance Ministry oversees the finances and investments of the church.  This includes responsibility for the annual budget, expenditures, investments, inventory, and stewardship including planned giving.  Responsibilities include the following:

  • Review and recommend an annual budget to the Church Council

  • Oversee receipts and expenditures during the budget year

  • Recommend contractual accounting services and investment advisory firms

  • Procure adequate bonding coverage

  • Procure insurance on church property and contents and monitor adequacy of coverage

  • Monitor the work of the financial secretary and the accounting services provider

  • Monitor the monthly and annual financial statements

  • Institute necessary changes in the chart of accounts

  • Monitor the outcomes produced by the investment advisor(s) and the monthly and annual reports

  • Monitor compliance with the Investment Policy

  • Develop and monitor compliance with the Inventory Policy and be responsible for periodic inventories of non-expendable properties

  • Plan and conduct an ongoing stewardship campaign including the development of a planned giving option

Members of the Ministry: Josh Mullins (Chair), Duane Muck, Mark Mueller, Allen Schmutzler, Danielle Stafford, Gwen Vieth, Bill Graves (advirory)


The Chair of the Finance Ministry serves as the Treasurer for the Church Council.  In addition to heading the Finance Ministry, individual responsibilities of the Treasurer include:

  • Oversee the development of financial policies that support the mission and goals of the church
  • Be knowledgeable about the church’s funds and about any outstanding bills or debts owed
  • Work closely with the Senior Pastor on the development of the annual budget
  • Ensure that the annual budget is presented to the congregation at least two weeks prior to their vote
  • Oversee all monies received by the church and the counting of cash offerings
  • Review invoices and sign checks
  • Ensure that all payments approved by the Church Council are made
  • Make a monthly report to the Church Council to keep them informed of financial matters
  • Make a yearly report to the congregation at the annual meeting