Central Church Logo

The logo for Central Church is packed with symbolism.  Notice the fish in the image.  The fish was used in the early church to secretly identify yourself as a Christian when it was truly dangerous to be one. In the fish, there are two C’s signifying Central Church, and the tail forms a cross representing Christ’s atonement for our sins.  We chose red as one of our colors not only because it is everywhere around our church, but because it represents the blood that Christ spilled for us at Calvary.  Note that the red portion of t he logo forms a drop of that blood.  Next to it all is our motto “Central Church: where Christ is central.”

Central Church Mission

The mission of Central Church is to be a welcoming, Gospel-centered people who worship God and serve our community in word and deed.

Central Church Vision

  • Making disciples of Christ
  • Growing disciples in Christ
  • Sending disciples for Christ