2020 Sharefest

On October 10, 2020, Sharefest was held in regional locations around  the state, including Tipton, MO.  This year’s event was different than in the past; due to the pandemic, churches and organizations would drive up to the location, unload their kits and boxes onto pallets while wearing masks, and then drive off.  Central members collected and delivered 545 kits, including 285 School Kits that the Elenor Circle made this year!  The value of the kits translates to $11,053.00.  It was an awesome year, especially given the chaos that was going on in the world due to the pandemic

Here is a breakdown of the kits delivered:
CWS Emergency CleanUp Buckets 5
CWS Hygiene Kits 71
CWS School Kits 290
MO Baby Bundles 103
MO Backpacks of Love 13
MO Family Food Packs 11
MO Paper Products Packs 11
MO Personal Hygiene Packs 22
MO Student Dental Packs 19
Fleece Blankets 4

CWS Clean-Up Bucket

MO Paper Products Pack

CWS Hygiene Kit

MO Personal Hygiene Pack

CWS School Kits

MO Student Dental Pack

MO Family Food Packs

Fleece Blankets

Paul’s Letter to the Romans tells us
to love our neighbor as ourselves,

and that this one act of love
satisfies all of the other
laws and commandments. 

It also defines community…
and defines the members of this church.

Thank you to everyone who donated,,,
in whatever way,,,
to this worthy cause.
You are appreciated.
Your good works are appreciated.