2020 Red Cross Blood Drive – February 17 and July 28, 2020.

Thank you to everyone who donated blood or tried to donate during these drives. 
Your compassion and empathy for those around you is the essence of “community”.

With the success of our first blood drive last year, the American Red Cross asked us to host another one in February 2020.  11 units of blood were collected during this drive, a figure with which the Red Cross was pleased.  They also commented that Central has THE best sbacks in the canteen for people after they donate.

Thank you to anyone who helped in any way with this blood drive, and thank you to those individuals who donated, or tried to donate.  Your selfless act will help save lives.

It was time to fly, and you didn’t just fly…you SOARED.

Thank you Jefferson City for your support of the American Red Cross Blood Drive that was held at Central UCC on July 28, 2020. Fifty-five people signed up or presented for donation; of those, thirty-seven pints of blood were collected…surpassing the goal of thirty for which the Red Cross had hoped.

Thank you, Jefferson City. Even in difficult times, you step up to the plate, and show who this city is at its heart.  Because of the pandemic, there were increased precautions, and all donation times had to be scheduled in advance.  And yet without the possibility of walk-ins, this blood drive was the most successful one that our church has ever hosted.  It was as if people looked around them and saw the world in pain. and realized that there was one small thing that they could do to help ease that pain just a little bit for someone… one small thing they could do to help save a life.  Thank you, Jefferson City!