2019 VBS Recap: Crocodile Dock

We had a romp in the swamp this year at Vacation Bible School.  At Crocodile Dock: Where Fearless Kids Shine God’s Light!, we explored God’s impact on our daily lives.  Kids experienced Bible adventures that put them in the story;  they traveled over a mountain, parted the seas, and relived the plagues that God sent to Egypt when Pharaoh would not let the Israelites leave –including pelting Pharaoh with “hail” (foam balls).  Along the way they met an intrepid traveler named Skeeter (from Missouri, so MoSkeeter) who wasn’t very familiar with the bayou and how things worked.  As one of the young girls remarked, “Skeeter, you’re so silly”.  Our VBS Guide was always there, though, to help set him on the right path.
Each day the kids also sang catchy songs, played teamwork-building games, enjoyed yummy treats, and made themed crafts to reinforce the Bible points.  Plus, kids learned to look for evidence of God all around them through something called God sightings.   Bible buddies Bible stories, snacks, crafts, and songs all helped to reinforce the Bible points each day to remind us how God’s Light surrounds us and shines through each one of us..

Bible Point: God is with us! (Fear Not!)
Bible Story: God speaks to Moses in a burning bush.(Exodus 3:1-4 – 4:17)
Treasure Verse: “God answered, ‘I will be with you’.”(Exodus 3:12)

Bible Buddy: Flash the firefly
Flash helps to remind us that God is with us! (Fear Not!), because like Flash’s tail, God can light the way for us in our lives.


Burning Bush in a Bowl: Corn chips for sand, lettuce and cheese for the bush that did not burn, and a tomato for the flame through which God spoke to Moses. Today’s snack reminds us that just as God spoke to Moses, He can also speak to us, because God is with us! (Fear Not!)

Today we made a necklace and began work on a visor to remind them of their Crocodile Dock experience.
Each time they see or wear these items in the future, they can remember this week and know that God is with us! (Fear Not!)

Bible Point: God is powerful! (Fear Not!)
Bible Story: God sends the plagues on Egypt.(Exodus 7:1 – 10:29)
Treasure Verse: “I will show you that I am the Lord.”(Exodus 7:17) 

Bible Buddy: Jacques le Croc the crocodile
Jacques le Croc helps to remind us that God is powerful! (Fear Not!), because like Jacques’ jaws, God is powerful and can do mighty things.


Bugs and Boils: Little brown gnats (chocolate chips), squishy flies (raisins), cruncy locusts (pretzels), big white hailstones (marshmallows). big boils (gushers). Today’s snack reminds us of the plagues God brought against the Egyptians when Pharaoh refused to release His people because God is powerful! (Fear Not!)

As the spinner we made today spins, we are reminded of wind whipping through trees and that God is powerful! (Fear Not!). With the tornado this spring, yet no loss of life, this was a nice way to show the power and compassion of God.

Bible Point: God does what He says He’ll do! (Fear Not!)
Bible Story: God spares the Israelites at Passover. (Exodus 11:1-12:42)
Treasure Verse: “The Lord always keeps his promises.” (Psalm 145:13b)

Bible Buddy: Belle the spoonbill
Belle helps to remind us that God does what He says He’ll do! (Fear Not!) because her long beak allows her to catch food, just like God promises to take care of us and does.


Promise Pizzas: The crackers in today’s snack remind us of the flatbread the Israelites made before God brought them out of Egypt. The cheese shreds and pizza sauce remind us that God told the Israelites to spread blood on their doors with branches as a sign of His protection, because God does what He says He’ll do! (Fear Not!)

Because God does what He says He’ll do! (Fear Not!), you can always turn to Him with your concerns.  The reverse-stencil shirts that we made today are a reminder that we have no need to fear when God is on our side.

Bible Point: God gives us life! (Fear Not!)
Bible Story: Jesus dies and comes back to life. (Matthew 27:11-28:10)
Treasure Verse: “He is risen from the dead.” (Matthew 28:5-6)

Bible Buddy: Blossom the opossum
Blossom reminds us that God gives us life! (Fear Not!), because like an opossum who can seem to come back to life, Jesus really did come back to life.  Jesus died for our sins and yet was raised from the dead three days later, conquering death, because God gives us life! (Fear Not!)


“Berried” and Raised:The cookie and the whipped topping in today’s snack remind us of the stone that was rolled away from the tomb and the cloths with which Hehad been wrapped that Jesus tossed aside.  The strawberries look like hearts and remind us that God has given us the greatest gift, because God gives us life! (Fear Not!)

God sent Jesus to die on the cross and redeem us from our sins.  The mosaic crosses we made today help to remind us of Christ’s sacrifice and resurrection because of God’s love for us, as proof that God gives us life! (Fear Not!)

Bible Point: God cares for us! (Fear Not!)
Bible Story: The Israelites cross the Red Sea. (Exodus 14:1-15:21)
Treasure Verse: “Don’t be afraid.” (Exodus 14:13)

Bible Buddy:  Tucker the turtle
Tucker helps to remind us of today’s Bible point because when times get tough, turtles curl up in their shells.  When things get tough for us, we can lay our concerns before God in prayer, because God cares for us! (Fear Not!).


Sweet Victory: Just as God cared for the Israelites, God cares for us! (Fear Not!)  Today’s snack reminds us of how God parted the seas (graham crackers with blue frosting) so that His people (chocolate chips) could cross in safety.

Just as God cares for us! (Fear Not!), the children had an opportunity to share that love with other children in distress. The children made turtle pillows with notes of love and encouragement tucked into pockets on their backs which will be given to local relief agencies.

We hope that Crocodile Dock was a rewarding experience for your children and that they enjoyed their week as much as we did.  It is always such a joy to guide children on their journey of faith and discovery as they explore how God can impact their daily lives.

Thank you to all of the volunteers who donated their time and talents to help make VBS a success.  We could not have done this without your dedication to the lives of these children and to building their faith in God.  We look forward to seeing you and the children again next summer!