2018 VBS Recap: High Seas Expedition

We had an awesome time at Vacation Bible School this year.  We experienced God’s impact on our lives and learned to look for God sightings in the world around us.  Bible buddies Bible stories, snacks, crafts, and songs all helped to reinforce the Bible points each day to remind us how God’s Word surrounds us.

Bible Point: God’s Word is true!
Bible Story: God frees Peter from prison (Acts 12:1-19)

Bible Buddy: Scully the ship’s rat.
Scully helps to remind us that God’s Word is true, because like Scully’s compass, God’s Word can always be counted on to point us in the right direction


The pretzels in the trail mix remind us of the prison bars Peter faced, the Cheerios the chains he wore, and the marshmallow signifies the angel who led him to freedom.  God’s Word is true and can set us free from our burdens if we trust in Him.

Like fish that swim in schools, God’s Word will always point us in the right direction, because God’s Word is true.  Whenever we feel lost, we can trust in God’s Word to point us in the right direction.

Bible Point: God’s Word is comforting!
Bible Story: God comforts Paul in a storm at sea (Acts 27)

Bible Buddy: Marina the dolphin
Marina helps to remind us that God’s Word is comforting, because like Marina’s anchor, God’s Word helps to anchor and comfort us in turbulent times in our life.


The cookies, icing, and edible pearl resemble an oyster.  It helps to remind us that like a pearl nestled in an oyster shell, God’s word comforts us and keeps us safe in times of strife and trouble.

Gos’s Word can comfort our soul the way that a t-shirt can envelop and comfort our bodies.  The  handprint crabs the children painted on them serve as a reminder of their entire High Seas Expedition VBS experience.

Bible Point: God’s Word is surprising!
Bible Story: Paul survives a bite from a poisonous snake (Acts 28: 1-10

Bible Buddy: Wink the monkey
Wink helps to remind us that God’s Word is surprising, because like Wink’s telescope, God’s Word helps us see surprising things around us every day.


Today, we were reminded of the snake that bit Paul, and the surprise that those around him felt as God’s Word protected him from the venom.  There are so many surprising things we can do when we follow God’s Word.

Sand has so many surprising uses. It can be used to build structures, to filter water, to keep soil moist, to provide traction, and to even make glass.  Today’s sand art reminds us that God’s Word is Surprising!

Bible Point: God’s Word is life-changing!
Bible Story: Peter and John teach about Jesus (Acts 3:1-4; 12)

Bible Buddy: Salty the pelican
Salty reminds us that God’s Word is life-changing, because like Salty’s captain’s wheel. God’s Word can help us correct course and change the direction of our lives


Today we were reminded of the blood of Jesus that was spilled for us on the cross to save us from our sins. Because of God’s Love for us, we can follow His Word and choose a new direction in our lives.

God sent Jesus to redeem us from our sins, allowing us to choose a new direction in our lives.  The parrots help to remind us that if we follow God’s Word, our spirits can be uplifted and soar as if they had wings.

Bible Point: God’s Word is for everyone!
Bible Story: The community of believers share (Acts 2:42-47)

Bible Buddy:  Lacey the spider
Lacey helps to remind us that God’s Word is for everyone, because like Lacey’s map, God’s Word can travel anywhere.


Today we are reminded that like a ship at sea, God’s Word can fill our sails and allow us to spread God’s Word wherever we go. God’s Word is for everyone and we should remember to share it with those around us.

The children made turtle pillows with notes of love and encouragement tucked into pockets on their backs.  The turtles will be given to local relief agencies to give to children in distress, as we share God’s Love with them and remind them that God’s Love is for everyone.

We hope that your children enjoyed their High Seas Expedition to explore God’s Word this year as much as we enjoyed helping them experience the adventure.

Thank you to all of the volunteers who donated their time and talents to help make VBS a success.  We could not have done this without your dedication to the lives of these children and to building their faith in God.  We look forward to seeing you and the children again next summer!